Riya Gupta 

Orange Ice-cream or Cola Ice-cream? Science or Humanities? New found love or Parents? Friends or Relatives? Career or Family?
Why do we face difficulty in choosing? Is it because we are scared of the repercussions of choosing a wrong option? But do we ever wonder that the problem in choosing our options arise between two equally important things and if they are equally important to us, so how come either of the one would lead us to a wrong direction.
The problem is not in choosing, but the real problem turns up when we have to face the outcomes of that choice. Deep inside our hearts, each one of us knows what we want but we fear what if the other option proves to be the better one. Humans have a tendency to aspire for more. We want the best out of everything and choosing the best out of two goods creates the dilemma. We do not like to settle for a good, instead, we want the best for ourselves but we don’t realize that while searching for the best we may even loose our good.
The problem also arises when we regret our choice. What is there to regret? It’s our choice and we should completely own its consequences. Regretting will lead us nowhere. It can rather have a damaging effect on our mind and body. Instead of weeping over our choice we should work upon it, to make it what we thought it would be like before opting for it. It is important to be in the present and not to go back in the past and ponder about our decisions again and again. With an optimistic approach we can turn all the odds in our favour. It is essential to believe in ourselves to excel in any walk of life.
Most of the times we make choices considering what impact our choices would create on other people. Why do we make choices based on another person’s perspective? More often than not our decisions, our choices are influenced by the society. We let society tell us what is good for us and what suits us. Choices made to please the society are often the most unsuccessful choices. It is our life and the choices are ours to make and we should be strong enough to stand for what we really believe in. Personal choices are not meant to make other people happy, it is meant for our own happiness. Let’s fall in love with our choices. After all, ‘Our life, Our choice’.
We are always confused with our options and confusion arises only when we over think. It is rightly said ‘there is nothing in this world that can trouble as much as our own thoughts’. Choices are easy to make, but our over thinking makes it difficult. Let’s believe in ourselves and listen to our heart. Let’s trust our choice and take a leap of faith in our choices. In the end, it is our choice and it doesn’t matter how hard it is for us to make it but what matters is that we did.


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