We Are Coward Or A Killer, There Is No Betwixt.

Confused by the headline? If you are aware of the surroundings, if you go through the mainstream media daily or even once, weekly, you will be bound to think.

Do you know Junaid, Pehlu Khan, Uttam and Ganesh, Naeem and Haleem.you must have heard some of these names if not all?The common thing amongst them is, they all are dead, or I’ll say ‘killed’. Best would be if I say “killed by a mob”.


In the past few years, the mob has been very powerful. It is said, Governments don’t run the people, People run the government. And in the past years, people have learned this important lesson. The Little knowledge is dangerous, isn’t it? What is the reason behind the Angry crowd? There is not just one case when an angry crowd took command and took law in their own hand. We have seen many Ikhlaq’s.


Hindus or Muslims or Indians or Pakistanis are not the ones suffering from this communal violence or crowd authority. The one suffering is ‘human’, who wants to live in peace, the ‘poor’, who have nothing to do with power, who don’t give a damn about world domination. He is the one who suffers and he is the one who dies.

When the rich wages war it is the poor who dies”

There is another class of people who are questioned every second.The people who are always in the eye of the angry crowd and public.The one who must always be ready with an answer, because they can be questioned anytime about their loyalty towards this country. “THE JOURNALISTS”


Questioning journalist is not wrong, we are indeed surrounded by the one in power. Those who have ink are chained by greed. And those who are free don’t veil the power of ink. If you are against something wrong, you are not right, you are Anti National. Moreover, becoming an Anti National is a new trend in India.


And at times like this our Honourable Speaker Wants Journalists to speak beautiful truth. Be like Narad .is the world ready to listen to our beautiful words? We will become Narad, but where is Narayana? Indeed Narada always spoke truth, and Devas and Asuras even got burnt by those alluring truths. But, there was Narayana to protect him. Where is Narayana, today  to protect the journalist who is free from chains of greed?


“From the lane to the crossroads, there is a crowd lying in wait; it knows you by face. If it sees you doing your work as a journalist, it will start by looking at you with suspicion and then beat you senseless. Now it is the turn of many of our comrades who are practicing alternative journalism, to be the target – those who are running small websites with a handful of journalists. These are websites that boast maybe a lakh or two or five lakh hits. When all mainstream voices are muzzled, it is these websites which report incidents. Somebody somewhere shares the report and it reaches somebody somewhere else. These journalists too are going to be beaten senseless; people will target them. All this is happening systematically as part of the political gameplan, make no mistake” ~ Ravish Kumar


Delhi based reporters of The Statesmen, Asad Ashraf,  Anupam Pandey, and Vijay Pandey went to report arms training camps conducted by Bajrang Dal. Suddenly they were detained. The training camp was not usual. The youth wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has been conducting camps in many parts of the country in which young children are trained to use arms and ammunition.

Asad Ashraf had to hide his name in for the sake of his personal safety.

Read the full news here.

Taking in another case, people are not judged by how they are but who they are. They are always viewed by their names, seldom by their work. An Independent Reporter ‘Basit Malik’ went to a disputed land of Hindu and Muslim. They were warm people, true, but only until the time his Muslim identity was revealed. As soon as it was confirmed, he was thrashed and his mobile and id were snatched.

He was abused and had to prove that he is Indian

Kaun ho tum?”—Who are you? he asked. Confused, I replied that I was a journalist, and asked for the reason behind the question. “What if you are from Pakistan?” he said. “Kya baat kar rahen hai aap?

“Harami toh Musalman hai”

“Say ‘Pakistan murdabad!’ [Down with Pakistan]!” One of them instructed, as the others recorded the interaction. “Say ‘Hindustan zindabad!’ [Long Live India]” another added, with a laugh.

What was the personal experience of Basit Malik? Read his report here.

No, don’t worry. I know where I started; I was just giving weight to my statement. We are Coward or a Killer. We are afraid of ourselves, we are afraid to save ‘our’ identity. So, we kill those who question it. Our life is more of a Hunger Game. Kill or get killed.

If you stand on the side of the victim, you are a coward. You are not patriotic enough. You don’t value your culture, your religion. You are seditious. You are ANTI NATIONAL.

Or you kill. I mean you are the killer.

You have the full independence to choose where you stand because well, India is a democratic country.But, no need to think much because whichever side you choose you’ll not be right. ‘Right’ is non-existent.

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